Content Marketing And Seo : How To Use Keywords Correctly

seo tips for content marketing

Content marketing is a powerful and effective tool for engaging new customers, retaining the current ones and strengthen the communication line of your company. The more useful information your reader will get, the higher chances he will return to your website again and again. So how SEO-oriented content allures clients and turns them into loyal customers?

Content marketing is widely used in SEO. And your main function with it is building a long-term content plan for your website. It involves a close collaboration with copywriters who are provided with thorough terms of reference with a specification of the main points for the texts structuring of as well as the frequency of content updates.

Tips On Keywords Density And Content Length

Tips On Keywords Density And Content LengthSEO for texts means a smart and elaborated search and use of keywords. Before optimizing your texts for search engines be aware of Fred, the update that was recently rolled out by Google to deal with spamming in articles.
5-6 keywords are enough for one article. In such a way you won’t ruin your texts smooth flow and value. Though, this number is approximate and may vary.
When it comes to the content length, there is no limit for it. It merely depends on your goals and needs. According to the latest research, the content that goes viral and becomes the most popular with the public contains around 1000 words and more.
The thing you should remember is keeping all the vital information as closer as possible to the beginning of an article. This is good not only for the search engines, but for people. It’s simple – readers do not actually read the article from A to Z, they just scan it and understand if it’s worth reading. So, if you will not hook up your reader with the first paragraphs, they will bounce.

The next trick concerns the smooth keywords stuffing. If you have an article of 1000 words you can use each keywords 4-5 times per article, still, if your articles are small there is got to be a balance – not more than 5% of keywords in relation to the main text.

Where to put keywords in your texts?

When you already have a prepared list of keywords, the next step is to get a clue how to use them efficiently. Because correct optimization of articles hinges on that. So here are the best places to put your keywords:

  • Meta tags. It concerns <title> and <description> tags that should be written for the every single page on your website. There is also a <keyword> tags but there is no need to write it, since search engines will not only miss them out, but degrade you for them.
  • Titles and subtitles. You should clearly understand that titles and subtitles should be tagged <h1> and <h2> accordingly. Otherwise search engines will take them as a simple text. Do not overlook this essential part when optimizing your articles.
  • Website content. Definitely, articles, news, landing pages of your website should contain keywords. With their help your readers find you.
  • Descriptions of internal and external links. You can also use backlinks especially when an authoritative resource refers to your website.
  • Images descriptions. Many people do it wrong and fail. Every image you describe represents the next step to rankings and traffic increase.

It’s not so long ago that websites’ owners acted extremely clumsy. They just stuffed their texts with a bunch of keywords – the more keywords they put, the better rankings they got. Did that method work? Surprisingly, it did. For some time at least. Does it work now? Definitely, no. And the reason is that search engines are getting better and smarter, so such naive tricks just die out.

4 Mistakes People Do When Using Keywords

4 keywords mistakes people makeThese are the most widespread mistakes people do when trying to optimize their texts for search engines. Keep reading to reveal and avoid these mistakes.

1. Poorly assembled semantic core

Semantic core is an important thing and if it is done wrong it might ruin the entire SEO. You will end up with untargeted traffic that gives nothing but disappointment.

It usually happens when a website owner ignores the services of an SEO expert and builds a semantic core by himself. No wonder that he is a fool for pains and perhaps he will never again turn to SEO assuming it useless.

2. Single-rooted keywords in one text

Search engines will count them as a spam. It goes without saying that people will just not read articles that are overstuffed with keywords. And those ones who know what stands for optimization for search engines will just leave your site and hardly ever come back lately. A great many of keywords tell your readers that the profit is the only things that matters for you.

3. Overuse of keywords in bold

Now it’s time to check some points of your on-page optimization. There is one tricky thing about putting words and phrases in bold. The matter is that you can make your text bold with two different tags: <b> and <strong>. And while the first one has purely decorative function, the second one serves to tell search engines about significance of the word or phrase in bold, it makes an accent on them. Of course, if you put few keywords in bold, it will play for you. Though, when you overuse bold, search engines get it as a spam and shady tactic for higher rankings.

4. Wrong keywords distribution

Keep in mind that when a person searches something in the Internet he wants to find exactly what he is looking for. So if you want to place any irrelevant keyword on every single page of your website, it’s a bad idea. Because if the user will come to your website with his enquiry and will not find what he wants he will just close and forget this site. That’s it. Don’t forget that keywords mission is to help your customers find you get what they are looking for.

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13 Great Ways To Help Improve Your Website Conversions

 Website Conversions

The complex nature of today’s buyers journey, with an increasing number of touch points across multiple channels and devices makes it difficult for marketers to reach B2B buyers at the right moment for conversion.

In online marketing, a conversion is when your visitor takes the action that you most want them to take. Visitors to your site have the power to jump off whenever they want – which is the norm as the majority are not ready to buy but are building up their knowledge and trust in your brand. So it is important to do everything you can to make the buying journey or process as easy as possible.

Take a look at our 13 website conversion suggestions to see if there is one or more ways to help you convert more online visitors:

Conversion Gorilla Overview

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14) 7 Tips to Using YouTube for Marketing Purposes
This article offers seven tips on how to creatively and effectively use YouTube videos for marketing purposes.

15) Five Surefire Ways to Increase Conversions and Sales
Here are 5 surefire ways to boost your conversions and sales. And the best part? You can implement every single one of these ideas using one simple website feature…..

Weekly Round Up For 10 September 2017


Conversion Gorilla Overview

Why is Everyone Going Bananas Over Conversion Gorilla?

Conversion Gorilla Apps

Seems like everyone has Conversion Gorilla fever. People can’t stop talking about it. Marketers everywhere can’t believe how well it works to boost conversions, subscribers and sales. Even seasoned pros are singing its praises because they’re seeing firsthand just how well it works.

All of this buzz got me curious… does Conversion Gorilla really live up to the hype? Or is everyone going bananas over nothing?

Maybe you have the same questions. You want to separate the marketing hype from the reality. And that’s exactly why I’ve taken the time to review this app from top to bottom and share the truth about it with you.

Take a look…

Just what is Conversion Gorilla, anyway?

Conversion GorillaYou’ve probably heard that Conversion Gorilla is a good way to boost conversions and sales. But maybe you’re wondering how, exactly, it works its magic.

The answer…

Conversion Gorilla is an attention bar and countdown timer rolled into one. It works hard to grab attention with an easily customizable attention bar where you can put most any kind of offer or announcement. For example:

• Special offers, such as a discount coupon code.
• Flash sale announcements.
• Product launch announcements.
• Breaking industry news.
• Product or service benefits.
• Testimonials.
• Video sales letters.
• Advertisements.
• Opt-in offers.
• Exit offers.
• Upsells.
• Redirects to related content or offers.
• Welcome messages on any web page.
• Affiliate bonus announcements (you can even overlay these on third-party sites if you use Conversion Gorilla Pro).

And that’s not even an exhaustive list! It’s only limited to your imagination. If you have an important bit of content or a special offer to share, you can make sure your visitors see it by using an attention bar.

One really great option is that Conversion Gorilla also lets you add countdown timers to any of your attention bars. That means you can add a sense of urgency and boost conversions.

For example:

• Count down to a product launch.
• Tick away the hours and minutes left during a flash sale.
• Count down the minutes left to take advantage of a one-time offer.
• Show how much time left to enter a contest.
• Display how much time remains before a special event (like a webinar) starts.

Plus much, much more. If you want to light a fire under your visitors, then one of the very best ways to do it is with a countdown timer. And Conversion Gorilla makes it easy to add a countdown timer to any or your notification bars!

And that’s not the only way Conversion Gorilla is customizable. All you have to do is log into your Conversion Gorilla dashboard, and with just a few clicks of your mouse you can fully control the look and behavior of your attention bar. This includes:

• Changing the color and size of the attention bar.
• Inserting any text you want to appear on the bar.
• Tweaking the appearance of the font (e.g., bold, italics, etc.).
• Changing the look of your call to action button.
• Inserting images or videos.
• Deciding when the bar appears (e.g., immediately, on exit, after a set amount of time, etc.).

You don’t need to know anything about coding to make these changes – all you have to do is point and click from within your Conversion Gorilla dashboard. And once you’ve created the bar to your liking (which literally takes just a couple minutes), all you have to do is copy and paste a small bit of code into your web page where you want your bar to appear.

It’s fantastically easy!

Does Conversion Gorilla Work?

Conversion Gorilla
Conversion Gorilla Offers A Smart Way To Grab Attention, Engage Visitors, Drive More Traffic, Boost Clicks and Increase Sales & Profits

You bet it does. Some marketers are reporting getting up to 700% more clicks on their attention bars versus using on page links and buttons. So, if you’re still using on-page calls to action, then you’re definitely going to want to give Conversion Gorilla a try!

Another benefit of this app is that you’ll know instantly whether it’s working. That’s because Conversion Gorilla includes your basic built-in statistics, so you can log into your dashboard and see with a quick glance which of your attention bars are getting clicks, opt-ins and other conversions.

If you see an attention bar that’s not getting the clicks, you can change the text, color, offer or anything else directly from your dashboard, and your attention bar will instantly update on your website. You don’t need to fiddle with code, you don’t need to re-insert anything into your web pages, and you don’t need to do any FTPing or other file uploads. Conversion Gorilla makes it easy to change your attention bars in a snap and on the fly!

Finally, another big benefit of Conversion Gorilla is that it’s been tested to work across devices and platforms. Whether your visitor is viewing your web page from a big desktop PC or from their iPhone, you can rest assured they’re seeing (and clicking on!) your attention bars.

Are There Any Downsides?

Like any tool, Conversion Gorilla isn’t 100% perfect. As a personal preference, I’d like to see more font options to really customize the look and feel of the attention bars. However, you can easily work around this by using images in the attention bar.

That’s just my opinion. If you’re using fairly standard fonts on your website, then this may not be an issue for you at all.

But here’s why any potential downside is really not a problem at all…

This software is developed and maintained by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, who are well-known in the industry for providing outstanding support for all of their apps and other products. And one thing they’ve always done is accepted feature requests from their customers. If you think that adding a specific feature would be beneficial to you and other users, let the developers know… and there’s a good chance they’ll add that feature in the next update.

Indeed, Hodgkinson and Gislason are constantly improving all of their products, and I expect Conversion Gorilla is no different. Though as the features get added, the price is bound to go up – so that’s why it makes sense to buy now while you can still lock in a really low price.

Check it out here

The Verdict?

Conversion Gorilla AppHere’s the bottom-line question: is Conversion Gorilla right for you?

If you’re a web developer or otherwise well-versed in coding languages, then Conversion Gorilla is probably more of a luxury rather than a necessity for you. If you can already create attention bars and countdown timers in two minutes or less – and change them on the fly across all your websites – then you don’t really need this tool.

For the rest of us, however, Conversion Gorilla is a really valuable tool. It makes it quick and easy to create attention bars, with or without conversion-boosting countdown timers. And in turn, these attention bars are a powerful and effective way to direct your traffic, generate more opt-ins, more clicks, more sales, and more conversions.

Now here’s the best part…

Conversion Gorilla is completely risk free. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you – if you’re not totally convinced that this is a quick and easy way to start getting better results and a higher ROI from all your traffic – you can try it for 30 days risk free. Put it to work, kick the tires for a full month. If you’re not thrilled with this app for any reason, simply contact the developers within 30 days for a full and prompt refund.

Fair enough?

So, go ahead and check out the demo and learn more about Conversion Gorilla by clicking here

And do it now, because you’re going to like what it does for your bottom line!

Five Surefire Ways to Increase Conversions and Sales

Conversion GorillaFive Surefire Ways to Increase Conversions and Sales

If you’re like most online marketers, small business owners, bloggers or other website owners, then you’re always looking for ways to increase your conversions and sales. After all, it’s just smart business to make the most of your traffic. If you can boost your ROI, then you’ll be putting more money in your pocket at the end of every day.

Now here’s the thing…

You don’t do one grand gesture in order to increase your conversions and sales. Instead, you take a series of small steps. And collectively, these small steps add up to BIG results.

What sort of steps should you take? Below you’ll find five surefire ways to boost your conversions and sales.

And the best part?

You can implement every single one of these ideas using one simple website feature: attention bars. More on that in just a few moments. But first, take a look at these ideas…

1. Present an exit offer.

A lot of marketers figure if a visitor is leaving their site, then that visitor wasn’t really targeted or interested. And that assumption is a big mistake.

Here’s why…

Just because a visitor is leaving doesn’t mean they’re saying “no” to everything. They’ve just said “no” to whatever they’ve seen so far. And if you dangle the right offer in front of them, you might just get an enthusiastic “YES!”

Let’s suppose someone is looking at your $97 software offer. They’re interested, but maybe it’s not in their budget just yet.

So, what happens?

When they leave your sales page, they’re gone for good. They probably won’t be back. And yet, this is a qualified prospect who is interested in what you’re selling. They just haven’t seen the right offer yet.

Here’s what you do: when they leave your sales page, make them an offer they can’t refuse. For example:

• Give them a free trial.
• Give them a low-cost trial.
• Offer a “lite” version of the software at a reduced price.
• Give them a discount coupon for the full version of the software.

Now what does your prospect say? “YES!” And you just saved a sale and created a customer!


2. Get visitors on your list.

Conversion Gorilla AppsThis is pretty basic, but it’s a strategy that plenty of marketers still overlook. Simply put, you need to work hard to get as many of your visitors on your mailing list as possible. That way, you can follow up with them via email over time to close the sale.

Remember, a person leaving your site isn’t saying, “no.” They might be saying, “not yet,” or “maybe.” And when you get them on your mailing list, you can turn that “maybe” into a definite yes.

Next idea…

3. Offer an exciting bonus.

If you’re an affiliate, then it’s no secret you’re competing against hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates who are all selling the exact same thing.

Think about that for a moment.

Saying, “Hey, buy this thing through this link” isn’t going to be enough to pocket those commissions. To meet that goal, you need to do two things:

1. Develop a good reputation in the niche. Obviously, this isn’t something you do in a short amount of time. This is an ongoing task that requires you to promote good products, do so in an honest way, and really help your audience.

2. Add value to every offer. In other words, offer prospects a bonus if they purchase a product through your affiliate link.

This second one is really effective, and it’s something you can start doing immediately. Simply offer a related, valuable bonus that’s in high-demand, and you’ll see your conversion rates get a huge boost. And for obvious reasons – people like to get the most bang for their buck, so they’re going to use the affiliate link that gives them more value for their money.


4. Upsell your customers.

Conversion Gorilla AppYou’ve got a prospect sitting on your order form with their credit card in hand. Prospects don’t get much hotter than this. He’s in the buying mood. And that’s why now is the very best time to suggest that he add something to his order. In other words, offer an upsell or cross-sell of a product that will enhance the use and/or enjoyment of the main product.

For example, let’s suppose you have someone who’s ordering a meal-planning app from you for the purposes of losing weight. Offer an accompanying diet guide or low-calorie cookbook as a cross-sell, and you’re sure to boost your average per-transaction price.

Here’s another idea for boosting conversions and sales…

5. Display a countdown timer.

Sometimes your prospects are interested in your offer. But for whatever reason, they put off the actual purchase. They bookmark your page and tell themselves they’ll come back to it later.

You can guess what happens, right?

Yep, “later” never comes. The person loses interest in your product once the excitement of the sales pitch wears off. Or life gets in the way, and they totally forget about your offer.

What’s the solution to saving these sales?

You need to stir up a sense of urgency. You need to make people feel like they need to purchase RIGHT NOW… or risk missing out. Yes, you need to create a little fear.

You know what creates just the right amount of order-boosting fear? A limited time offer. And to make it even more powerful, you can match this offer with a countdown timer that’s visually ticking down the hours, minutes and seconds left before the offer expires. It’s a powerful way to boost the sense of urgency – and your sales!

Now here’s the best part about all of these ideas…

You can implement every single one of these ideas using an attention bar. Specifically:

1. Put an offer in an attention bar that appears when the visitor is intending to leave your site.

2. Display your opt-in offer using a well-placed attention bar (preferably one that appears after a delay).

3. Insert your affiliate bonus offer in an attention bar, and then overlay this attention bar directly on the sales page. (Yes, that’s completely possible when using iFrame technology.)

4. Place your upsell offer in an attention bar on the order form to really call attention to it.

5. Put a countdown timer in an attention bar that displays on a sales page, or even on some other page of your site to advertise a flash sale or other special offer.

In short, using attention bars is a GREAT way to boost your conversion and sales. Because not only can you use these attention bars in the five ways described above, but you can put them to work for you in countless other ways as well. You can use them to:

• Reiterate a big benefit.
• Insert a powerful testimonial.
• Place videos or images in them to draw attention.
• Use countdown timers to create urgency on any sort of offer.
• Persuade prospects to join your list.
• Announce new products, sales or news.
• Direct prospects to related offers.
• Encourage people to request more information.

Simply put, attention bars work like crazy because they’re eye-catching without being eye sores!

But for a lot of marketers, this strategy poses a problem…

Namely, the average marketer or small business owner simply has no idea how to create one of these bars. They don’t have the coding know-how. And even those who know a bit about coding don’t know how to create professional-looking bars that appear at specific times.

Now here’s the good news…

You can start creating your own conversion-boosting attention bars in as few as two minutes – no coding knowledge or skills required!


By using the web-based Conversion Gorilla app.

Conversion Gorilla
Conversion Gorilla Offers A Smart Way To Grab Attention, Engage Visitors, Drive More Traffic, Boost Clicks and Increase Sales & Profits

This is a point-and-click easy way to create beautiful, powerful, and high-converting attention bars. And these bars are fully customizable with a click of your mouse, including:

• Insert conversion-boosting countdown timers.

• Decide when, how and where your attention bars will appear on your page.

• Get the ability to overlay your attention bars on other peoples’ websites, such as your affiliate link.

• Change the colors, font, size and more with a click of your mouse.

• Change your attention bar on the fly in your dashboard, and it instantly updates across your sites.

And so much more. Conversion Gorilla makes it easy for anyone to boost conversions and sales using cutting-edge attention bar technology.

Ready to see it in action for yourself? Check out the demo here:

And then grab your account to put this powerful tool to work for you!

Weekly Round Up For 17 September 2017

Weekly Round Up for 17 september 2017Below is the round up For 17 September 2017:

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4) Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing
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5) Six Things That Only Influencers Can Offer Your Business
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11) How to get 100,000 YouTube subscribers by 2018
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14) 11 Content Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs to Start Using Immediately
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15) SMS Marketing – 5 Ways to Connect with Your Audiencesms marketing tipsSo you think SMS Marketing could be a good way to interact with your users? Below are the five most important aspects of using outbound SMS.

Enjoy this week roundup.

Step-by-step on how to 10X your commissions through clever affiliate marketing strategies

Weekly Round Up For 10 September 2017

Weekly Round Up For 20 August 2017



How To Become A Super Affiliate

how to become super affiliateTips for Being a Super Affiliate

Super Affiliates earn a great income. They didn’t become super overnight, it took a lot of hard work and commitment. If you want to be a super affiliate, follow these tips and create the success you desire.

Super Affiliates are excellent at engaging people. They are well liked and usually have a large following. They gain this following by having a great personality, offering honest advice and reviews and truly caring about their customers. You do not have to have an out-going personality to be a super affiliate, but you do need to be friendly, helpful, honest, and care about the things you promote.

  • Start small. You won’t become a super affiliate overnight, but if you start small and keep increasing your online presence you can join the ranks of being a super affiliate who makes a full time income by sharing great products.
  • Be consistent. If you still work a job away from home and only work your affiliate business during your free time, you still need to be consistent with your online presence, list building tactics and making product offers.

treat affiliate program as business

  • Treat it like a business. This is another huge key to building an online business as an affiliate marketer. Even if you only work it part time you need to treat it like a real business and not something you play around with. It’s okay to play around in the beginning and find out if this is right for you and it’s a good way to learn. But sooner or later, if you want to create a real business you’ll have to treat it that way.
  • Only promote a few products. This is really important in the beginning and much easier to keep up with until you learn the ropes. Do not jump in and offer a dozen products. Pick a few in the same niche that you truly love and promote those. You can add more as you gain knowledge and experience, but start small. This will also keep you from getting overwhelmed.
  • Offer products at different price points. Many people want to pick high-end and high priced items to promote. You should offer a few of those, but you should also offer a variety of price points. Perhaps you can offer some $7 and $10 products, a few in the $20 to $30 range and maybe one or two at a $97 price point. This way people won’t think you are just trying to make money by offering only high priced deals. In fact, many people on your list may not can afford the higher priced products and need a cheaper alternative. Try to cater to many people’s income level.

Once you get established and find you really enjoy being an affiliate, you can add some of the products that range from $100 and even up to $1000 or more. Trying to be a high-end affiliate in the beginning is not a good idea though.

Don’t forget about offering membership programs too. This will grow your passive income over time. If people join a membership program under you, you will earn money each month for as long as they remain a member. This is a great way to boost your income and have something steady come in while you’re building your affiliate business.

Remember, being a super affiliate takes time, effort and possibly a lot of hard work, but it really is worth it in the long run. Once you become a super affiliate, you can cut your working hours down and still earn a great income.


What Makes Someone a Super Affiliate?

8 Creative Ways to Use Instagram’s New Multiple-Image Posting Feature

Instagram now allows more than one picture per post. Starting… whenever it rolls out, you’ll be able to share as many as 10 photos or videos in a swipeable gallery.

Here are few ideas to help you get creative with this Instagram’s New Multiple-Image Posting Feature


Click to Enlarge Image

8 Creative Ways to Use Instagram’s New Multiple-Image Posting Feature

Weekly Round Up For 10 September 2017

Weekly Roundup For September 2017

Here are this week roundup for 10th September 2017:

1) 14 Things You Need To Do BEFORE You Publish A Blog Post
Blogging is far less about writing posts than many new bloggers (or non-bloggers) think. It is the same with every kind of business venture: The product is only a small part of your success. There is always a lot more that needs to be part of the equation than the product – or the blog post.
So here are 14 things you absolutely need to do BEFORE you publish a blog post.

2) Sumo Growth Study: How Slack Generates 100,000,000 Website Visitors Per Month
Peek inside Slack’s multi-million dollar marketing strategy.

3) A Hack To Rank #1 In Google With SEMrush + Quora
How to use SEMrush and Quora to find opportunities to ‘rank’ on page #1 of Google AND uncovering some really great content marketing opportunities.

4) Short-Form Video: The Next Big Thing In Digital Marketing
FACT: A millennial isn’t likely to commit to watching a video that stretches on for longer than a couple of minutes.

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts5) 4 Efficient Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts
There are plenty of things that you can do with social media marketing. But today, we’re going to talk about the things you need to do.

6) 5 Actionable Tips You Can Use to Get Better Results on Your Facebook Page
Get Better Facebook Page Results With These 5 Actionable Tip to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook page.

7) 10 Ways to Use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales
AI-powered chatbots can be part of your marketing initiatives and help push your customers seamlessly through your sales funnel. Here are some ways chatbots can fit into your marketing strategy:

8) Content Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide for 2017
Learn how to build a killer content marketing strategy from the ground up.

9) How to Get More Likes on Facebook
Facebook remains the most used social media site among users in every age bracket, but to leverage it effectively, you have to figure out how to make it work for your brand.

10) 10 Underrated Ecommerce Growth Hacks
Ignore the hype around the latest ecommerce hacks. It’s time to start generating some real returns, with the following underrated – but tried and tested – ecommerce growth “hacks”.

11) Content Planning Tips To Compete with Big Brands
Big brands and small brands can create great content equally. Create blockbuster content with these content planning tips to compete with big brands.

epic blog post writing tips12) How to Craft Epic Blog Posts That Engage Readers
There’s a way you can engage readers and get them to keep coming back for more of your content. It’s simple. All you have to do is to create blog posts that are better than your competitors. Here’s how you can do it.

13) 7 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online
There are loads of ways to generate an income passively on the internet, many of which start at the foundation of having a blog, generating substantial traffic and building an audience and a list. Is it easy? Nope. Is it worth it? It sure is. But that doesn’t mean you need to start a blog to make money online today.

14) Key Digital Marketing Trends To Prepare For In 2017-2018
Here are key trends in marketing to prepare for in the coming year

How to launch your ecommerce store in 1 day15) How To Launch Your E-Commerce Store In A Day
What if I told you it is possible to launch an e-commerce store with less than a day’s work and almost zero cash investment? It may sound preposterous at first, but read on and you will find that it actually can be done.

Hope you like this week roundup tips.


Weekly Round Up For 3 September 2017

Weekly Round Up For 13 August 2017

Weekly Round Up For 3 September 2017

Weekly Roundup for 3 September 2017

Welcome to weekly roundup for 3 September 2017, below is this week round up for your reading:

1) How to Generate Revenue With Your Content
In this episode, I interview Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Content Marketing World. Joe explains how high-quality content can transform marketing from a cost center into a profit center.

2) The 9 Essential Email Marketing Best Practices You Need to Know
In this article, Carlo Pacis will share with you the pillars of email marketing best practices, ranging from simple foundational advice to more technical tricks you can implement.

3) 5 AI Tools to Automate Your Facebook Ad Campaigns
There are a number of AI automation tools which will help you save time and money when running Facebook ads. When properly deployed, automation will allow you to scale your campaigns without needing to micromanage everything – helping you achieve the freedom you desire.

4) 4 of the Best Tech Startup Growth Hacking Campaigns
In order to achieve the rapid scaling of a company, growth hacking campaigns often push the boundaries of what is normally expected or even advised when using more traditional inbound marketing methods.
So, let’s take a look at some successful tech startup growth hacks that have skyrocketed the companies in question to dizzying new heights.

5) Four Steps To Achieve More Success With Content Marketing
Following are some practical tips for achieving more success with your content marketing.

6) The Two Winning Email Designs That Are Taking Over Your Inbox
There are only two email designs any successful business is using. Let’s check it out

7) The Power of YouTube Influencer Marketing
Here’s a complete breakdown of why YouTube influencer marketing is more effective than most other influencer marketing programs. We’ll also show you examples of exactly why this is and how it’s working for other brands across the web.

8) How Brands Use Instagram Stories [Infographic]
If you’re looking for some Insta-inspiration, check out Kayak, McDonald’s, and IBM, which are some of the most active brands on Stories, according to Klear. To see the details about how brands are using Instagram Stories, check out the infographic

9) How to Create Powerful Social Network Platform in 8 Steps
How to build a social media network/community website from scratch? What does this mean from business and development point of view? Here is a list of 8 steps that you need to follow in the process:

10) How To Market Your Ecommerce Site
Customers for your ecommerce site won’t just appear. You need to put the effort into marketing it online. Here are some strategies you can use.

11) SEO Link Building Strategies
How to create an ideal backlink profile? How to know the proportion which leads to a natural backlink profile? Read These BackLink building strategies for SEO.

12) 15 Excellent Influencer Marketing Campaign Examples
Here’s a quick look at 15 influencer marketing campaign examples, including what their goals were and what type of results they got.

13) Google Analytics Setup Checklist for Ecommerce
Google Analytics is loaded with reports and has many settings that can be customized to enhance reporting. The following checklist is designed for ecommerce merchants. By using Google Analytics’ reporting capabilities, merchants can obtain the data to grow their business.

14) How to improve your SEO with user-friendly interlinking
Let’s review some of the best practices of internal linking and show you why interlinking should still be a central concern of your SEO development.

15) 5 Tips for Choosing a Content Curation Topic
Choosing a topic is one of the first key steps to becoming a content curation rockstar, yet all too often marketers rush through this crucial step

Hope you find this week roundup helpful.


Weekly Round Up For 20 August 2017




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