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Sending a bulk email is an irreversible process. You cannot undo it, edit it, or pull it back from the subscriber’s inbox.

It’s done, and you can do nothing even if you immediately realize that you have committed a blunder just like the New York Times employee who sent an email to its list of 8 million+ people, which was supposed to be sent to just 300 people.

However, making mistakes is like a fart. Despite your resistance, you can’t stop it from coming wherever and whenever. So, in this post, we have identified some of the common, yet not so obvious mistakes, which email marketers make while setting up an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Hacks: Read This Checklist Before Hitting Send

10 Rookie Mistakes Increasing Your Email Unsubscribe Rates

You hustle for every email address you collect. Guest posts, search engine optimization, giveaways, social media marketing

You craft the perfect email, pack in a ton of value, and press the send button…

And CRASH. All that hard work you put in seems to come crumbling down.

Ahh, unsubscribes.

The online entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. And you’re right to be concerned. After all, when your subscribers hit that “unsubscribe” button, you’re literally losing money. Meaning your email unsubscribe rate is directly related to loss of money in your business.

If the lifetime value of of an email subscriber for your business is $500, that means when you send out an email and 60 people unsubscribe, you’re waving bye-bye to $30,000.

Ouch. And if you have a massive list and you lose more than that? It can hurt more than you think. I bet if you’re sending emails you’re losing subscribers every time you hit send. Want to stop the bleeding? We’ve got 10 proven ways to decrease unsubscribes (and keep your subscribers wanting more).

101 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel

list building tips

So you want some lead magnet ideas to build an email list, huh?

How about driving that newly-built email list of leads deeper into your inbound marketing funnel so you can convert them from subscribers into actual paying customers?

Well, you’re going to need to so

me bad ass “ethical bribes” throughout your funnel to do that.

Lead magnets are critical to the lead generation process. And they are just as important for the rest of the funnel as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re in B2B or B2C and it doesn’t matter if you’re in SaaS or Ecommerce. If you use a sales funnel to generate traffic, turn them into leads, and then turn those leads into sales, you need lead magnets

But not just any lead magnets. You need the right ones.

That’s because the offer is everything. And when coupled with the right positioning and copy, a few good lead magnets can literally triple your lead generation almost overnight.

But just in case you’re new to this whole thing, lets do a quick 101 overview of what lead magnets even are in the first place.

15 Industry Experts Share their #1 Email List Building Tactic

list building tips

Whenever we ask our readers and customers what aspect of their email marketing strategy they want to improve, the answer is often one thing: list building.

And this makes sense: the more people you can reach with your emails, the more opportunities you have to grow your audience and turn them into customers.

To get the most valuable and proven list building tips, Aweber asked 15 industry experts about their number one tactic for getting new subscribers – and they didn’t disappoint. Check out this post to see what they had to say, and how you can incorporate their tactics into your own email strategy today. Read more.

15 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Email List

list buildingThe first thing you’ll need when you start email marketing is a contact list of subscribers. To help you get going, we’ve created 15 Tips to Grow Your Email List, which includes:

  • Entice your audience with a unique offer
  • Add a sign-up form on your website
  • Ask for email addresses at local events

Click here to read all these 15 tips to grow your email list


How to Generate Leads like these 75 Marketing Wizards

leads generation tips from experts

This article breaks down the lead generation strategies from 75 of the top marketing brands and thought-leaders out there. We’re talking about 328 lead generation examples, encompassing AdEspresso to Wordstream and everything in between:

– OkDork
– Social Triggers
– Neil Patel
– CrazyEgg
– QuickSprout
– SumoMe
– Groove
– Copyhackers
– Backlinko
– Uberflip
– Sujan Patel
– SmartBlogger
– Growth Everywhere
– SixteenVentures
– Vero
– NerdFitness
– SnackNation
– Canva
– CoSchedule
– Amy Porterfield
– Grow and Convert
– Kissmetrics
– Smart Passive Income
– ProBlogger

and many more…

7 Types of Lead Magnet Pop-Up Offers Guaranteed to Convert More Email Subscribers

lead magnet

A gaping hole. There was a giant, leaking hole in the middle of our marketing funnel. This was back when I first started creating content for our company blog. Before I tell you what it was, tell me if this situation sounds familiar to you. Most people come to your website and leave without taking action.

If you want to convert more traffic into email leads, then you need the right type of opt-in offer, at the right time, on the right page of your website funnel. [click to continue]

Stop Building Traffic, and Start Converting It. Here’s How

how to convert traffic to leads

At some point you’re going to have to stop concentrating so much on getting new eyeballs on your site, and working with what you do have.

In the grand scheme of things, building massive amounts of traffic doesn’t really matter. What matters is converting that traffic.

Everyone talks about building traffic. That’s fine, but it’s not the end of the story. If you don’t convert your traffic, building it is pointless.

Here’s how to take all that traffic you worked so hard to build and successfully convert it.

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