Killer growth tactics for small businesses in 2017


growth hacking for small businessWe’ve all heard the statistics before, how anywhere from 50-80% of small businesses fail within their first few years of operation.

But not you right? I know you don’t want to become one of the statistics.

Why else would you be reading an article about 7 killer growth tactics for small businesses in 2017?

I know why…

It’s because marketing and growth is THE NUMBER ONE thing that small business owners struggle with.

In fact a whopping 76% of all business owners report facing marketing challenges, and that’s exactly what I want to help you start to overcome in this article.

I know that the headline “7 killer growth tactics” might be what got you here but the fact that you’ve landed on this page tells me you are on a hero’s journey, the journey of having your own business. You are the driving force behind the growth of any economy in the world, so give yourself a pat on the back first and let’s dive into ways you can crush it in 2017.

This blog post will start and finish with the same thing – the mentality of growth. Think about it – you have a business, you are learning and exploring. Inherently you have a winners mentality – but whether or not you’ll succeed depends on a number of things.

What I want to do here now is introduce you to 7 tactics that are quick and easy to execute on so you can get some quick wins and begin to add them into your weekly activities.

Here are the 7 killer tactics for growth we are about to cover:

5 Most Common Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Fails

influencer marketing tips

The new year brings fresh beginnings and new digital marketing strategies. With Influencer Marketing remaining hot on the agenda, we thought to provide the 5 most common reasons why Influencer Marketing fails. After all, it’s far easier to guarantee success if you know what not to do; without actually having to make the mistakes yourself.

If you’re only just embarking on the Influencer Marketing journey, or you believe you have room for improvement, why not have a read here.

50 most successful influencers in Social Media Marketing you should follow

influencer marketing

If you want to upgrade your skills in Social Media Marketing, you should definitely follow those experts: they write about trends in marketing, give tips to entrepreneurs, they are authors of blogs, famous speakers, book writer, they are featured on TV and radio… And there are reasons for their popularity – they got tremendous experience to share with you!

To help you improve your skills in marketing, Innmind prepared list of TOP-50 influencers you should follow – learn from the “Gods” of Social Media Marketing and implement!

Follow them and learn from the best

5 Reasons to Start a Blog This Year

how to start blogging

In 2016, the blog made a triumphant comeback after fading away.

It is believed that two new blogs are created every second.

While that might seem crazy, it makes sense when you think about how Internet focused our culture has become.

Today, having your own web presence outside of LinkedIn and Facebook is important when it comes to building your professional image.

It’s understandable if you are still hesitant about venturing into the blogosphere.

It’s a huge community, so getting started might seem just as daunting as it is to build your audience.

However, once you get started you will find having a blog will help you both personally and professionally.

==> Read the FULL article here

Incorporating Influencer Marketing Into Your Social Media Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Around 60% of companies increased their influencer marketing budget in 2015, and many will soon begin influencer programs for the first time. While some larger businesses are hiring additional staff to handle influencer activities, this isn’t an option for most brands.

No matter, since influencer engagement is possible for companies of all sizes. And beyond that, it’s a great way to reach new audiences and improve the success of your overall social marketing strategy.

Here are four ways that companies can bring influencer marketing into their social media strategy to create a massive impact for their brand.

How to Find Social Media Micro-influencers for Your Small Business

influencer marketing

Want to promote your small business on a budget?

Have you considered partnering with less famous influencers?

Highly targeted micro-influencers can help your small business gain visibility, engage an audience, and promote your products.

Discover how to find and connect with micro-influencers who can promote your small business.

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