10 Rookie Mistakes Increasing Your Email Unsubscribe Rates

You hustle for every email address you collect. Guest posts, search engine optimization, giveaways, social media marketing

You craft the perfect email, pack in a ton of value, and press the send button…

And CRASH. All that hard work you put in seems to come crumbling down.

Ahh, unsubscribes.

The online entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. And you’re right to be concerned. After all, when your subscribers hit that “unsubscribe” button, you’re literally losing money. Meaning your email unsubscribe rate is directly related to loss of money in your business.

If the lifetime value of of an email subscriber for your business is $500, that means when you send out an email and 60 people unsubscribe, you’re waving bye-bye to $30,000.

Ouch. And if you have a massive list and you lose more than that? It can hurt more than you think. I bet if you’re sending emails you’re losing subscribers every time you hit send. Want to stop the bleeding? We’ve got 10 proven ways to decrease unsubscribes (and keep your subscribers wanting more).

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