5 Most Common Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Fails

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The new year brings fresh beginnings and new digital marketing strategies. With Influencer Marketing remaining hot on the agenda, we thought to provide the 5 most common reasons why Influencer Marketing fails. After all, it’s far easier to guarantee success if you know what not to do; without actually having to make the mistakes yourself.

If you’re only just embarking on the Influencer Marketing journey, or you believe you have room for improvement, why not have a read here.

50 most successful influencers in Social Media Marketing you should follow

influencer marketing

If you want to upgrade your skills in Social Media Marketing, you should definitely follow those experts: they write about trends in marketing, give tips to entrepreneurs, they are authors of blogs, famous speakers, book writer, they are featured on TV and radio… And there are reasons for their popularity – they got tremendous experience to share with you!

To help you improve your skills in marketing, Innmind prepared list of TOP-50 influencers you should follow – learn from the “Gods” of Social Media Marketing and implement!

Follow them and learn from the best

How to Use Influencers in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Influencer MarketingMany marketers we work with have already built out a social media marketing plan before they engage with influencers. However, there are some major benefits of considering influencers BEFORE building your plan. Check out these steps below to learn how you can leverage influencers while building out your next social media marketing plan.

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