Weekly Round Up For 24 December 2017

Internet marketing weekly round up

  1. How to Become a LinkedIn Power User

With some strategic work and clever planning you can make your LinkedIn profile an exceptional addition to your professional repertoire!

2. 5 Reasons to Start an ECommerce Store

Today, selling and buying of products or services have been made easier through the use of electronic channels such as those found on the internet. This approach in business has grown over time and has offered marvelous triumphs to numerous startups.

Although setting up an eCommerce can be a little bit frightening since risks are always involved, getting your business online will definitely bring in a few perks.

Let’s understand what those are and how to use it to bring home the bacon.

8 SEO Strategies To Improve Your Local Rankings3. 8 SEO Strategies To Improve Your Local Rankings

Since the rather recent release of Google’s Hummingbird update I thought it would be helpful to offer some SEO strategies to help improve your local rankings! As we know it has become even more important for small business owners to boost local rankings since geographic search results take on a prominent role in search engines. While it was reported that 61% of local searches resulted in purchases back in 2012, the biggest search engines have become even smarter than before in returning customized and localized search results to meet user’s needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a steady stream of new customers, it is likely that your SEO will need a serious update to stay competitive in your local marketplace. Read on to find out more about the hottest local SEO strategies for boosting your local rankings, improving your business’ visibility online, and outshining your local competitors


4. Content Marketing Trends for 2018

If you want to be successful in 2018, you need to know that content makes the marketing world turn. And just as we saw many content trends come and go in 2017, 2018 is sure to do the same. Narrowing on content marketing trends 2018 will carry over from the past year, here are 4 trends to keep an eye on.


5. Four Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing in 2018

Content Marketing is not as stiff and menial as it used to be. Marketers are pulling all possible strings to transform their content from a rigid monologue to a conversational dialogue. Even if you’re offering the best financial products among your rivals, given the magnitude of content marketing, your product is not enough on its own, if you don’t employ content that strikes your users’ chords.


Video Planning 101 And Video Promotion Sites6. Video Planning 101 And Video Promotion Sites

Many times clients tell me to create “the greatest video”, which goes viral, which is good for everything kind of advertisement. Unfortunately, the story is not as easy as it seems. A video can go viral accidentally, but in most of the cases, it needs a strong marketing strategy. In this video planning template, I would like to focus on the mechanism of a great performing video strategy. It all begins with the end in mind.


7. 10 Ways To Market Your Ecommerce Site

Any merchant can promote their store without an expensive agency. The 10 marketing techniques in this article are easy to do yourself on any budget, regardless of whether you’re a small or large business.

Sellers who implement these tactics will have a diverse marketing strategy— one that enables long-term connections with returning customers and offers opportunities to engage and attract new buyers.


8. 10 Essential Content Marketing Apps for Your Smartphone

If you aren’t mobile-ready as a content marketer, you’re likely either hindering the success of your campaigns or creating excess work for yourself.

Here are 10 essential content marketing apps for your smartphone.


9. How Chatbots Will Shape Marketing in 2018

Whereas traditional marketing funnels flow from channel to landing page, and onto sign-up forms and/or checkout carts, chatbots can eliminate at least several of these steps thanks to Facebook. In science fiction, this space-folding phenomenon is often called a tesseract, and it makes for good analogy for how bots will change messenger marketing.


7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 201810. 7 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Customer engagement through social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram has become a crucial component of any successful marketing strategy. As the world of social media marketing changes quickly, it’s important to stay up to date on trends in the industry so that you can create the most successful engagement strategy possible. Here are 7 trends in social media marketing that will dominate in 2018.


11. Pros and Cons of Hosted Ecommerce Platforms

this article will not advocate one platform over another. There are hundreds of them. I have my favorites and if you’re in the space for more than four seconds, you’ll encounter other people’s favorites, too.

Instead, I’ll provide a broad overview of ecommerce platforms and how using them compares to running your own servers.


12. Seven Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2018

Working with some of the country’s largest brands and most active influencers gives me a pretty good vantage point from which to view what’s ahead in influencer marketing. Here are some of the ways I see the industry evolving over the next couple of years.


13. How We do Influencer Outreach and Get a 60% Response Rate

After a little polishing, I’ve developed a simple, 7-step outreach process that’s gotten me a 60% positive response rate from the experts I reach out to. Here’s the entire process from start to finish:


14. How To Become A Multimillionaire With Social Media

Social media has empowered millennials to become entrepreneurs and build business empires. Today, all media is social, and millennials, having grown up alongside the internet, are keenly aware of how to create and extract value from social media.


15. Is SEO Dead? The Answer Is Yes, And No

Over the years, elements of it have either died or evolved into something totally new.

Here are the 5 tactics that I believe are dead or outdated (plus 6 tactics that are alive and kicking today and for years to come)


16. Sumo Growth Study: How Amazon Generates $136 Billion In Sales

In case this is your first time using a computer (welcome!), here’s what makes Amazon awesome…

– They’re on track for $303 billion in sales… 💰

– They get 2.37 billion website visitors every month… 📈

– They set a Guinness World Record for the largest chicken wing eating competition!

You’ll learn how they did it in this article.

The Ultimate guide to Remarketing with Google Analytics17. The Ultimate guide to Remarketing with Google Analytics

So, If you are excited to know how you can use Remarketing with Google Analytics to better target your customers and lower down your marketing cost and increase your sales, then keep reading the article.


18. How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Your PPC Strategy

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool marketers can use to get more information on Facebook users, whether they’re current fans or from a custom audience you created. We’ve put together a thorough overview of what to look for in your insights, so you can find new personas or get a more granular view of the leads you have already. Assemble a more complete picture of your audience…


19. 7 Content Marketing Trends for 2018

As 2018 approaches, newer forms of content marketing are gaining traction, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

Here are 7 trends content marketers are predicting for 2018.


20. 7 Marketing Tips From Social Media Stars

Influencer marketing continues to evolve, with new brand success stories popping up every day. Typically, the advice comes from the executive (buying) side of influencer marketing. As someone who has been both an advertiser on behalf of several brands and an influencer building social media entities, I wanted to share some advice from some of the largest influencers in the world, who I’ve worked with in the past. They’ve seen thousands of campaigns and learned the best ways to manage social media, what makes influencer campaigns successful and much more.

Each creator owns or manages millions of followers, with several managing over 10 million. Here’s what they thought you’d find most valuable:


21. 5 IoT Smart Technologies That Help Grow Your Business

Technology has always been a major driver of growth in business, and that’s never been more clear than it is today. In particular, the rise of the Internet of Things – along with the voice-controlled digital assistants, high-tech automation tools and other technologies that have been ushered in along with it – has given businesses across many industries powerful new tools to grow, expand their reach and do their work more efficiently than ever before. If you’re looking for a leg up on your competition, here are five essential IoT smart technologies you need to be using in your business.


22. Google Analytics: Using Enhanced Ecommerce to Grow Revenue

Reporting on overall revenue and revenue by channel is among the most essential data for a niche ecommerce company to grow its business. Google Analytics has a powerful revenue-reporting suite called “Enhanced Ecommerce.”

I will review Enhanced Ecommerce in the post. I’ll provide tips for setting it up and, also, for how to use it to increase revenue.


5 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape 201823. 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Shape 2018

The end of the year is always a good time to look back and see what worked and what didn’t in the last 12 months. It is also the perfect time to look to the future and predict trends that will influence a certain industry. In digital marketing, these trends are usually quite difficult to predict, but with a bit of analysis and careful deduction, it can be done.