18 eCommerce Startup Pitfalls to Avoid [Infographic]

Ecomdash and Visiture worked together to put together this guide of 18 eCommerce startup pitfalls to help eCommerce retailers learn the ropes without costly mistakes.

  1. Not Choosing the Right Platform

  2. Using a Marketing Agency Without Prior Marketing Knowledge

  3. Categorization and Merchandising Mistakes

  4. Not Buying Customers

  5. Choosing the Wrong Payment Model

  6. Thinking Outside of the Box

  7. Ignoring Customer Complaints

  8. Getting Discouraged with AdWords and Google Shopping

  9. Obsessed with Raising Money

  10. Market Is Too Niche

  11. Not Using Social Media

  12. Not Building Email Lists and Collecting Customer Information

  13. Being Scared to Try Things

  14. Not A/B Testing or Measuring

  15. No Retention Strategy

  16. Poor Value Proposition

  17. Listening to Too Many People

  18. Not Being Prepared for the Worst

18 eCommerce Startup Pitfalls to Avoid eComdash and Visiture

7 Essential Things to Have on Your E-business Site

Having a brand is one of the most important features that will build trust in what you offer.
With over 100,000 e-business shopping sites now on the web, it may seem rather overwhelming when thinking about how to get your store to stand out among the many.
Making sure your shop is functional, engaging, and gives the customer what they want is vital to ensuring your long-term success as a trusted online retailer or service provider.
You are most likely in the final stages of preparing to launch your site.
You know what platform you are using; you know what you are selling or providing and you’ve probably already begun to build your site.
In these final stages of preparation, there are a few aspects of your website design that you should make sure are present before launching your business online.

10 Strategies to Find the Best Product to Sell Online

ecommerce guide
Do you want to start an ecommerce business?
Are you ready to start generating passive income and get in on that six-day weekend?
Online stores can be a great way to generate passive income, because once you get a store going, it pretty much takes care of itself.
Still, most people who want to start online stores have one big issue—what should they sell?
Because it makes more sense to focus your energies on one type of product at a time, it can get intimidating trying to decide on a product.
It can seem so overwhelming to choose just the right product, and the stakes are pretty high.
With these tips and tools at your disposal, finding a great product to sell will be much easier, getting you straight to work building your business.

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