Weekly Round Up For 19 November 2017

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Internet Marketing Weekly Round Up

1. 4 More Ways To Make Your Email Marketing More Effective

Here are four more ways can make your email marketing a more effective


2. 12 Ways LinkedIn Can Grow Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

Twelve members of the Forbes Agency Council share how LinkedIn can help your brand’s content marketing strategy. Here is what they had to say:


3. 6 Strategic SEO Tips From the Experts to Get Massive Traffic in 2018

Here are 6 experts share their favorite SEO tips and tactics for building big traffic in 2018. As you’ll see, if there’s one theme that unifies them all, it’s creating better content, but some of our experts take their own unique approaches.
4. 50 Ways To Produce Engaging Content!
Explore the top 50 ways to create, launch, measure and test engaging content. ion’s interactive content platform empowers modern marketers to engage, convert and profile their audience using code-free, data-driven interactivity. Get the interactive infographic.
 The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide
5. YouTube for Business: The Ultimate YouTube Marketing Guide

Here, you’ll find articles and resources to help beginner, intermediate, and advanced marketers use YouTube channels, video, ads, analysis, and more for business.


6. 5 Tips To Successfully Promote Your Content On Social Media

Below are various tips and tricks that you, as a business owner, can utilize in order to extend your reach on social networks and make your marketing campaigns on social media platforms more effective than ever before.


7. 86 Awesome Free Marketing Templates To Make Your Life Easier

Grab your free templates now, then read on to get educated on tons of different marketing strategies and tactics!


8. 4 Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Know for 2018

Social media is a dynamic field that is always changing, but there are several trends that can help us prepare for 2018. Here are 4 social media marketing trends I think we should all focus on, as we drag ourselves into the new year.


Let’s face it, today there are more mobile phones than people in Australia so it’s no surprise that mobile communication is an effective way to keep in touch. The most efficient delivery of mobile communication is through text messages, with 98% read within two minutes. Here, we have five smart ways you can use SMS for personal use or business.

The best way to measure the success of an email strategy is to check your email marketing metrics. Learn the 7 most important metrics & how to measure them.


11. 13 Ways Your E-Commerce Site Can Have A Very Happy Holiday

To help you get the most out of the season for your e-commerce site, members of the Forbes Agency Council suggest you try the following:


 How to Kill Duplicate Content for SEO

Duplicate content is endemic to ecommerce sites. Seemingly every platform, no matter how SEO-friendly, produces some form of duplicate content, holding a site back from peak performance.

First, let’s look at why duplicate content matters. It may not be the reason you’re thinking.

Mobile E-commerce is at its peak leading to increased demands of e-commerce mobile apps. Everyone finds their comfort in buying products online and making easy online payments. Ecommerce apps and smartphones have influenced the buying habits of all people. Below are some must have eCommerce Mobile App Features

How To Generate Free Traffic From Reddit14. Reddit Hates Blatant Marketing: Here’s How You Can Still Get Thousands Of Visitors From Reddit

Most marketers are afraid of Reddit. Despite its huge traffic potential, marketers stay away. They rationalize with excuses: “They’re going to roast me and I’ll get banned” “The traffic quality must suck” “Redditors aren’t the type of people who would buy” “It’s too much time, the ROI is bad.” I don’t blame them. I’m one of those marketers. Si Quan Ong (SQ Ong) reached out to me and showed me how he was able to drive thousands of visitors on Reddit, post after post. So we had him share his strategy and his case studies on Grow and Convert so people can replicate his success.


15. 18+ Experts Share their Best Tips on competing against E-Commerce Giants using SEO

Learn how the top SEO experts in the industry use their unique skills and well developed strategy to compete against Ecommerce sites like Amazon, etsy, ebay and many more using their E-commerce SEO strategy..


Email marketing is a solid marketing channel. Companies have to continuously evolve their email tactics to cater to a changing environment and improve their results. Join me in a jump forward into the future of email marketing in the 7th annual review of email marketing trends and predictions.

So let’s jump in and see what email industry today has to say about the future of email marketing tomorrow…


In this Mashable article, several growth and marketing experts answer the question “Is growth hacking hype or is it helpful?”


19. A Quick Guide To Influencer Marketing
Today, nearly anyone with access to the Internet is claiming to be an influencer. Just add water (in the form of followers) and wait for lucrative corporate sponsorships to roll in: cha-ching!Here’s a shortlist of what brands should look for before sealing deals with influencers.

10 Underutilized  Online Marketing Strategies20. Step Up Your Online Marketing with These 10 Underutilized Strategies

There are plenty of online marketing strategies out there that most businesses already use or are at least aware of. But there are also some lesser known strategies or lessons that you might not have considered. See some of the top tips about not-so-obvious online marketing strategies from members of the online small business community below.

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